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The Alligators of Abraham, by Robert Kloss

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The Alligators of Abraham, by Robert Kloss

Kloss - Alligators  - Cover.jpg
Kloss - Alligators  - Cover.jpg

The Alligators of Abraham, by Robert Kloss

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Robert Kloss’s The Alligators of Abraham is a fever dream built from the fly-strewn corpses of armies, the megalomania of generals, the madness of widows, the fires of mourning, the fury of the poor, the indifference of the wealthy, and the ravenous hissing of those alligators who have ever plagued the shores of our national nightmares. With a cover design and interior illustrations by Matt Kish, author of Tin House’s Moby-Dick in Pictures, this is a Civil War epic unlike any others.


“In this amazing, collapsed-time text, I’m led along dark alleys of American history by an all-seeing voice-over narrative that reports on things from a great height and in an ultra-factual way. Familiar events of war, sorrow and struggle are seen anew, as if on a slide under a microscope.” —David Ohle

“In The Alligators of Abraham, Robert Kloss drops us into the darkness of the Civil War, showing a culture perpetually on the edge of extinction. Yet out of that murky world, hazed and fogged, rise the clear and distinct shapes of a people not ready to surrender to their own haunting. A novel as lyrical as it is precise in its depiction of the struggle to maintain dignity.” —Adam Braver

“Robert Kloss’s words gnaw into the collective-dark-underbelly-unconsciousness of the 19th century which, in many ways, we’ve never entirely gotten over in America. They get how the ‘you’ of America is both masculine and tender, how it’s powered by craziness and wounds, and how it longs to liberate and yet remains enslaving and enslaved. They understand how war roils in the guts. There is a terrible, terrible movie in which Shirley Temple meets Abraham Lincoln. This book is a gristly bloody opposite of that; it reeks of the truth. Thank you Robert Kloss.” —Rebecca Brown

“A powerful, possessing novel that crawls down into your throat and chokes you from the inside out, The Alligators of Abraham shakes loose the skin of fiction and marches through your streets bare and bloodied and full of rage.” —The Next Best Book Blog

“This book, which Amber Sparks described as ‘a nightmare about the Civil War,’ is about madness, Lincoln, sacrifice, a plague of alligators, and yes, war, all told in luscious, feverish, brutal prose. After all that, Matt Kish’s disturbingly beautiful illustrations are just a welcome bonus.” —Flavorwire


Robert Kloss is the author of the books How the Days of Love & Diphtheria (2011) and The Alligators of Abraham (2012).