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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

“The Suicide of Claire Bishop” pubs tomorrow


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“The Suicide of Claire Bishop” pubs tomorrow

Guy Intoci

We’re looking forward to the publication of Carmiel Banasky’s debut novel, The Suicide of Claire Bishop, which releases tomorrow. We’re not the only ones. A new excerpt is available at Lit Hub, for those of you who just can’t wait, but you can also read more about the book below:

In a glowing review at JMWW, Ashley Begley applauds the novel’s “unsuspecting brilliance.”

“Carmiel Banasky’s novel, The Suicide of Claire Bishop, is, in a word, indescribable…the characters become people that sit next to us on a park bench or, more aptly, who sit next to us on an airplane screaming that we all have to jump. I get annoyed with the characters, I scream at them, I love them, and I want them to be loved.”

Read the rest at at JMWW.

In a revealing conversation with Daniel Ford of Writer’s Bone, Carmiel Banasky discusses her road to writing, her creative process, and the inspiration for her characters:

Like many writers, I suppose, I’m obsessed with the idea of the self, and how elusive that concept is. How do we know ourselves? What does it mean to be me vs. you? Where are we separate? Where do we overlap? These questions of identity are definitely tackled in my novel (and seem to be creeping into my new work as well). Does a diagnosis define who you are? What do you do when the only story you’ve had about yourself turns out to be false?

Meanwhile, Lit Reactor’s Leah Dearborn praises the fragmentation and mystery driving Claire Bishop. Her favorite sentence from the novel?  “I loved her so much I could rip out her collarbone.” Dearborn writes:

Claire Bishop reads like one of the Beatnik “Happenings” it describes; at times more performance art than anything else, designed to provoke questions and not guaranteed to give answers, but an interesting ride all the same.

Read the complete review at Lit Reactor.

Don’t miss the official launch event tomorrow at 7:30 pm at Skylight Books in Los Angeles! RSVP to the Facebook event page.