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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

#CountdowntoPub - Works Not Cited: A Fictitious Bibliography


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#CountdowntoPub - Works Not Cited: A Fictitious Bibliography

Guy Intoci

Part I of The Lost Daughter Collective concerns a family: A Wrist Scholar and his partner a Room Scholar who died giving birth to their daughter, an (eventually) Ice Sculptor. While The Lost Daughter Collective contains excerpts from their books and exhibits, I am here providing an exhaustive list of the family’s full works:


The Wrist Scholar’s books:
Against the Wrist
Wrist Discourse: Toward a Union of Hand and Arm
The Room and the Wing: Wrist Discourse after the Touch Wars
The Bracelet Paradox

The Room Scholar’s books:
On Departing and Apartment
Rooms and Crime
Attics and Wing Theory: Understanding Descent
Doors and the Rhetoric of Permitted Entry
The Room with Two Doors
Access to the Exit: The Imperceptible Door
The Windows of The Possibility
Basements and Failure
Our Mortal Coil: In Defense of Spiral Stairs

The Ice Sculptor’s Exhibits:
The Wrist Garden
Father Fissures and Mother Clefts
Against Rational Daughterhood
Rubrics for Loss: Ice Sculpture After The Touch Wars
Kites, Puppets, Tampons: The Politics of String
The Mouth as Wound
The Mouth as Womb
Warm Study in Cold Art (in collaboration with The Shadow Puppet Guild of the Multiversity of the Mid-North)
The Theory of Tongue as Verb
The Archivist’s Lament
Suspension of Belief (in collaboration with The Hovering Arts Department at the Multiversity of the Mid-North)
Neither Dorothy, Nor Alice: The Space Between
There Will Always Be Laughter in Slaughter

 (Photo credit: Diane Hope, via Morguefile.)