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Between Here and the Yellow Sea, by Nic Pizzolatto

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Between Here and the Yellow Sea, by Nic Pizzolatto


Between Here and the Yellow Sea, by Nic Pizzolatto


Publication Date: May 2015
Paperback: 228pages
ISBN: 978-1-941531-82-2

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Originally published in 2005, Between Here and the Yellow Sea thrust Nic Pizzolatto into the literary spotlight, earning mention as one of Poets & Writers' top five fiction debuts of the year as well as a spont on the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award shortlist. This updated edition features two previously uncollected stories--"Wanted Man" and "Graves of Light"--and showcases a modern-day master of the short story at the top of his game.


"Pizzolatto’s powerful fiction harkens back to the golden age of short stories when O’Connor and the rest were working. He possesses an apparently unlimited imagination and the narrative skills to bring it to bear." —William Gay, author of Twilight and The Lost Country

"Nic Pizzolatto is one of the most exciting young writers to come along in ages. If, like me, you read his first stories when they appeared in the Atlantic Monthly and were wondering whether or not he could sustain such excellence over the course of a book, wonder no more. This collection is first-rate, and Pizzolatto is going to be wowing us for a long, long time to come." —Steve Yarbrough, author of Prisoners of War and The Realm of Last Chances

"These stories are violent, sad, and beautiful. They hang around long after you've read them, like a long kiss, or a bruise." – Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish and Ray in Reverse

"Nic Pizzolatto’s beautiful, lucid prose seems to flow like water or like music. He knows how to write in the marrow of his bones. This will be the first of many brilliant books. Hooray for talent, that rare and lovely gift of the gods." —Ellen Gilchrist, author of Victory Over Japan and Nora Jane

"These are bold, tender, and intelligent stories. Nic Pizzolatto writes about people who don't take loss lightly; they fight it. Whether searching for a disappeared daughter or underground son or for their own abandoned illusions, Pizzolatto's characters try to retrieve and recover their bets. That they rarely succeed doesn't matter. Interesting and beautiful things happen in Between Here and the Yellow Sea." —Molly Giles, author of Iron Shoes

"The stories in Between Here and the Yellow Sea are clear of vision and death-defyingly beautiful. They ring like folded steel and reveal themselves in bold flashes. It's said that a well told story honors the living. The stories in Pizzolatto's debut collection are alive – veins apulse, hearts brimmed with desire, voices still singing." —Adam Johnson, author of The Orphan Master's Son and Emporium

"These stories are so exquisite they ache with longing." —Tom Franklin, author of Hell at the Breach and Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

"Nic Pizzolatto is a born storyteller of the first order. His characters are so authentic you know if you prick them they will holler, and if you cut them they will bleed. He penetrates the heart of ‘the old, weird America’ with the insight of Dylan and the soul of Doc Boggs. Between Here and the Yellow Sea marks the debut of one of our most exciting new writers." mdash;Randall Kenan, author of Let the Dead Bury Their Dead


About Nic Pizzolatto

Nic Pizzolatto was born in New Orleans and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was educated at Louisiana State University and the University of Arkansas, where he received several awards for his writing. His work has been published in The Atlantic, Oxford American, Iowa Review, Missouri Review, and elsewhere. His first novel, Galveston, was published in 2010. The creator of HBO's True Detective, he lives in California with his wife and daughter.