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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

Elephants in Our Bedroom, by Michael Czyznieljewski

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Elephants in Our Bedroom, by Michael Czyznieljewski


Elephants in Our Bedroom, by Michael Czyznieljewski

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Hapless, yes, but uncannily familiar—such are the people who move through the stories in Michael Czyzniejewski’s debut fiction collection. The characters are people we know—maybe they’re the people we are—and because of this we can’t help but wonder how or if their troubles will be resolved. It would seem we don’t hold out much hope for these folks—but in fact, we do, and fervently.


“The stories in his collection have the sort of postmodern magic that we used to see in writers like Robert Coover or Donald Barthleme, but Michael Czyzniejewski makes that magic new again by spinning it in the everyday world, the familiar world, of children and husbands and wives, of city streets and schools and libraries, bedrooms and kitchens and backyards.” —Polish American Studies

“Some stories are more whimsical and light-hearted than others, some quite dark and grave, taking on situations of loss, heartbreak, and suicide. Then there are some so fantastical one marvels at how skillfully he manages to keep the reader so firmly there, believing every word. All of the tales in this brilliant, quiet book are wrought from an enormous heart. And all refract and reflect a new kind illumination from the ordinary experiences of everyday love and intimacy.” —ReadySteadyBook


Michael Czyzniejewski was born in Chicago and grew up in its south suburbs. He earned his MFA at Bowling Green State University and now teaches there while editing the Mid-American Review. Since turning twenty-one, he has also worked at Wrigley Field, selling beer in the aisles. He lives in Bowling Green with his wife and son.