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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

Misfits and Other Heroes, by Suzanne Burns

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Misfits and Other Heroes, by Suzanne Burns


Misfits and Other Heroes, by Suzanne Burns

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Suzanne Burns’ Misfits and Other Heroes is a wickedly insightful, brilliantly constructed collection of fourteen stories which are at once fearless and full of hope. In tales of the familiar turned on their heads, Burns introduces us to lovers and travelers, dreamers and daredevils, a man the size of a drinking straw and a magician with a masochistic streak. Acts of murder and mayhem run alongside a middle-aged woman dreaming of a different life. In each tale, Burns consistently hits the perfect chord. The stories do not just present the strange, but use the bizarre to accent what is human in all of us.

Mixing the best of Chuck Palahniuk with the keen clever humor of Aimee Bender, Burns is a writer of unique wit and wisdom. Misfits and Other Heroes is a debut not to be missed.


“Burns’s ability to create quirky and odd characters—while they’re compelling and well crafted—isn’t even her greatest strength as a writer. Where she truly shines is in the way she develops meaning and emotional depth from both the conventional and the peculiar. The oddballs in her stories aren’t used as a gimmick, and they’re certainly not pedestrian. And while they might not look, act, or think the way others in their worlds want them to, they’re people with substance, who have earned the reader’s attention and compassion.” —Live Nude Books

“It’s downright refreshing to read stories that say something, that show a willingness to turn over the rocks of romantic relationships and shed light on the muck below—and to do it with such fun and dazzling prose, to boot.”  —Powell's

“A daring first story collection by a poet. If you love Flannery O’Connor, try Burns.” —More magazine


Suzanne Burns has previously published two collections of poetry, Blight from Archer Books and The Flesh Procession from Bleak House Books. Her writing has been nominated for four Pushcart Prizes and she is the recipient of two poetry fellowships. She is a freelance editor who is currently working on a new novel.