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The Siege of Tel Aviv by Hesh Kestin

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The Siege of Tel Aviv by Hesh Kestin

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The Siege of Tel Aviv by Hesh Kestin

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This is a free sample: the first half of Hesh Kestin’s fourth book and third novel, The Siege of Tel Aviv. We hope you enjoy it.

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Stephen King calls Hesh Kestin’s The Siege of Tel Aviv “scarier than anything Stephen King ever wrote.” Iran leads five armies in a brutal victory over Israel, which ceases to exist. Within hours, its leaders are rounded up and murdered, the IDF is routed, and the country's six million Jews concentrated in Tel Aviv, which becomes a starving ghetto.  While the US and the West sit by, Israel’s enemies prepare to kill off the entire population.

On the eve of genocide, Tel Aviv makes one last attempt to save itself, as an Israeli businessman, a gangster, and a cross-dressing fighter pilot put together a daring plan to counterattack. Will it succeed?

The Siege of Tel Aviv is as bizarrely funny as it is fast-paced.  In the words of Stephen King: “An irrepressible sense of humor runs through it. It’s not satire I’m talking about—it’s stuff like the cross-dressing pilot (my favorite character) and any number of deliciously absurd situations (the pink jets). It’s the inevitable result of an eye that sees the funny side, even in horror. So few writers have that. This novel will cause talk and controversy. Most of all, it will be read.”


HESH KESTIN was for two decades a foreign correspondent, reporting from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on war, international security, terrorism, arms dealing, espionage, and often equally shadowy global business.

Formerly the London-based European correspondent for Forbes, he is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces. As a citizen of both the US and Israel, for eighteen years it was common for Kestin to come home to his family from active duty in the IDF, then change into civilian clothes to return to the same battlefields as a correspondent.

After hanging up his trenchcoat, Kestin published three works of fiction: BASED ON A TRUE STORY, a collection of three novellas set in Kenya, Polynesia and Hollywood on the eve of World War II; THE IRON WILL OF SHOESHINE CATS, a novel of the sixties underworld in New York; and THE LIE, a serious novel disguised as a thriller, set in present-day Israel, which deals with the emotional costs of never-ending war. The father of five, Kestin lives close to New York City in a very quiet village where, he reports, gunfire is blessedly rare.