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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

Babble, by Jonathan Baumbach

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Babble, by Jonathan Baumbach

Baumbach-Babble - Cover.jpg
Baumbach-Babble - Cover.jpg

Babble, by Jonathan Baumbach

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Babble is a humorous novel-in-stories of a baby’s life. The stories are told from the baby’s point of view, transcribed by his father, yielding at least a slightly unreliable narrator. The baby leaves home, wears disguises, and searches for those who might change his diapers. It is a unique coming-of-age story.


"A brilliant conceit, endlessly inventive, a book of immense tenderness." -- Maureen Howard

"Baumbach has a real gift for alchemizing fictional 'autobiography' into the pure gold of comic terror." -- Newsweek

"Humane, imaginative deftly composed..." -- Robert Taylor, Boston Globe

"Touching and wildly funny. Should be read by everyone." -- Baltimore Sun


Jonathan Baumbach is the author of fourteen books of fiction, including You, or The Invention of MemoryOn The Way To My Father’s Funeral: New and Selected StoriesB: A NovelD-ToursSeparate HoursChez Charlotte and EmilyThe Life and Times of Major FictionRerunsBabble; and A Man to Conjure With. He has also published over ninety stories published in such places as EsquireOpen City, and Boulevard.

Baumbach, co-founder of the Fiction Collective in 1973, the first fiction writers cooperative in America, has seen his work widely praised. His short stories have been anthologized in Best American Short StoriesThe PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories, and The Best of TriQuarterlyThe New York Times Book Review referred to him in 2004 as “an underappreciated writer. He employs a masterfully dispassionate, fiercely intelligent narrative voice whose seeming objectivity is always a faltering front for secret passion and despair.”