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Reflections On a Teapot by Ronald Sanders

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Reflections On a Teapot by Ronald Sanders

Sanders - Reflections On a Teapot - Final Cover.jpg
Sanders - Reflections On a Teapot - Final Cover.jpg

Reflections On a Teapot by Ronald Sanders

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"We are the whom nothing much ever happened, who seemed to get skipped over by the major collective experiences of the twentieth century." This from Ronald Sanders in his introduction to this memoir written in his forties when wondering what somebody only in his forties might have to say about his life that would interest people. And what Sanders came up with is that struggles with life's problems, even during times of uneventfulness, maybe even especially during times of uneventfulness, can still be epic. This is a great memoir of a young Ronald Sanders, born of a Liverpool musician father and a Brooklyn Jewish mother and his youth in New York.


“At his best Sanders writes with a sentient precision .” —Kirkus


Ronald Sanders was an American journalist and writer--publishing 10 works of non-fiction to high regard. From 1966-1975 he was on the staff ofMidstream magazine, and from 1973-1975 was its editor-in-chief. He was the first recipient of the B'Nai B'Rith Book Award for his The Downtown Jews.