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The Bride Wore Crimson and Other Stories by Bryan Woolley

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The Bride Wore Crimson and Other Stories by Bryan Woolley

Woolley - The Bride Wore Crimson - Cover.jpg
Woolley - The Bride Wore Crimson - Cover.jpg

The Bride Wore Crimson and Other Stories by Bryan Woolley

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A new collection of "true Texas stories" to stand alongside his earlier collection, The Edge of the West and Other Texas Stories, including such portrayals of Texas and Texans as:

--The title story on his own family scandal about his uncle being charged with the murder of his new bride;

--The quest for the $65,000 prize fish in the Lake Texoma Crappiethon; and 17 other stories.


"Woolley's work...ignores the cliches and, with a characteristic mixture of cool distance and sympathetic identification, explores the textures of Texas."—The Texas Observer


Bryan Woolley (1937-2015) was a staff writer for The Dallas Morning News from 1989 until his retirement in 2006.

Previously, he worked at newspapers including The Anniston Star in Alabama, The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., and the Dallas Times Herald.

Woolley, who earned degrees at the University of Texas at El Paso, Texas Christian University and Harvard University, was the author of several books, including the novels November 22 and Some Sweet Day, and several compilations of his newspaper work.

He received many honors for his writing, including the PEN West Literary Journalism Award, three Stanley Walker Newspaper Journalism Awards and an O. Henry Magazine Journalism Award from the Texas Institute of Letters.