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Dzanc Books is nonprofit press specializing in literary fiction and nonfiction. In addition to publishing activities, Dzanc Books also supports the Disquiet International Literary Program.

Where the River Bends by Richard Haddaway

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Where the River Bends by Richard Haddaway

Haddaway - Where the River Bends - Final Cover.jpeg
Haddaway - Where the River Bends - Final Cover.jpeg

Where the River Bends by Richard Haddaway

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Richard Haddaway's novel is a warm-hearted, realistic, multi-generational story of the Beckwith clan, a Texas oil family dominated by a wealthy patriarch who does his best to hold his children and grandchildren to his narrow views of propriety and restraint. His grandson Stephen watches in grief as his father's life withers under Granddaddy's long shadow. Stephen's own life takes a turn into the same alcoholism and despair that ruined his father. Haddaway's narrative moves through joy and loss, failure and courage. Set near Fort Worth, Texas, the novel takes place from the mid-1950s to the mid-1990s.


“A lively, eccentric, often very funny (though not without its moments of deep sadness) account of several generations of a Texas family, and by extension, a history of the twentieth century. This is an admirable piece of work and a story that was a great and deep pleasure to read.” —George Garrett

"Where the River Bends shines a radiant light on the incalculable power of families to hurt and to heal. Stephen Beckwith's pain and triumph are ours as he shakes free from the bonds of Granddaddy's nineteenth century attitudes and his father's legacy of escapism. A novel as grand as the country that spawned it." --Sarah Bird

"Where the River Bends is packed with well-drawn and varied characters and with humor, tragedy, and genuine human love. I found it to be a very moving piece of work." --John Graves

"A fine yarn, never pulling a punch. A story going hard toward and not turning away from the truth of us. Haddaway's a writer as full of hope as he is of honesty, of compassion as he is of conscience, of faith as he is of fear." --Lee K. Abbott


Richard Haddaway has spent thirty years in the journalistic trenches as an editor, reporter and columnist for newspapers and magazines. A Little Something was published in 2014 by Harvard Square Editions. His previous novel, Where the River Bends, was published by SMU Press in 2002, and has been brought back in eBook form in 2018 by Dzanc Books.

Haddaway is a born-once, third-generation Texan who now lives in Santa Fe with his wife, Kay, a CPA, and the best of all possible dogs, WooWoo. They have one son and three grandchildren.

He was an Army medic during the Vietnam era and also worked for a time as a hospital orderly, specializing in bedpans. A Little Something was written in close consultation with a neurologist, William Gulledge, M.D.